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Captain Dave Explains Nervous Water

Captain Dave Explains Nervous Water

With 40 years experience on the waters, and now a successful professional fishing charter business, operating just south of New Orleans, I want to contribute to the community with some stories, advice and humility. It seems that as we go about our activities every day, we sometimes forget the small things that just make the trip all worthwhile. We should always learn something new, or do something new every day – just to keep us fresh and on top of ‘our game’ so to say.

With my quick intro of who and what Captain Dave is about, let me explain a term that gets used often – NERVOUS WATER – and what I mean by nervous water in the scope of catching redfish.

I had a charter the other day with a group of four. They said, “Dave, we want to catch redfish”, and so we set out on the hunt. Everyday is different when you are out on a charter – weather, tide, and wind – all of which can present challenges. We preceeded to a place where I had caught limits of nice reds the previous few days.

My group asked, “Captain, what have you all been catching them on?” I replied, “Spoons and Spinners! And, look for Nervous Water.” One of my clients responded, “what is that?”

I tried to explain, “You see the water today is calm and still; look out over the water for shaking water. The reds have been feeding on schools of pogies. When they get under them and around them like a pack of hunting wolves, they push them to the surface and they will make the water shake, sometimes leaving a slick.”nervous-water-pelican-state-fishing-charters-new-orleans

After a few minutes of slow drifting, I started to show them some schools of pogies with all the tell-tale signs of redfish pursuing them. They had a time recognizing the signs at first, so I made a joke, “That’s why we guides wear Costas. They do make a difference.”

Even after all my years on the water, there is still nothing quite so exciting as seeing that water shaking and knowing that my clients are about to get hooked up. What a day we had catching a limit of redfish! What a joy it gave me to teach my clients how to read NERVOUS WATER.

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