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Bachelor Party!

Matt and his four friends enjoyed a good day out on the water with Captain Dave of Pelican State Fishing Charters. We had a slow start because of thick fog. Once the fog lifted the group caught some nice trout and a few reds.

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Local Fishing South of New Orleans

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Enjoying the waters south of New Orleans, Captain Dave of Pelican State Fishing Charters shows off some of the trout they caught the other day. There’s something special about being on the water and bringing in enough trout to fill a basket. Enjoy the video ( oh, and catch the the shot of the alligator […]

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Catching Reds with Captain Dave

Captain Dave and Paul enjoyed the day catching reds and showing them off. Enjoy the pictures. Related Images:

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Fishing Before Going to the Manning Passing Academy

Brothers Pierce and Peyton, along with Doug Alford had their parents bring the boys fishing before getting down to real work with the Manning Passing Academy.

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Pelican State Fishing Charters Review

Pelican State Fishing Charters Review Captain Dave, as he’s known in the parts south of New Orleans, started his business because, as Captain Dave says, “I was fishing every weekend and bringing friends. Over the years I befriended guides living on the bayou next to me. Many times my guide friends would say that if […]

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Captain Dave Explains Nervous Water

Captain Dave Explains Nervous Water With 40 years experience on the waters, and now a successful professional fishing charter business, operating just south of New Orleans, I want to contribute to the community with some stories, advice and humility. It seems that as we go about our activities every day, we sometimes forget the small […]

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Couple Enjoying Catching Redfish with Captain Dave

Captain Dave guided a couple that was enjoying catching redfish. “We enjoyed testing the waters, and we won!” exclaims Captain Dave. It’s always a great day when the reds come into the boat. Related Images:

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Newlywed Couple on the Water

Here’s the pictures from a newlywed couple that was guided to the redfish by Captain Dave…did she catch more fish than the groom??? How’d that happen? You’ll have to come back and do a rematch… Related Images:

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Aussies Love the Waters with Captain Dave

Australians living the good life on the waters catching fish with Captain Dave. ‘Aussies love the waters’ in southern Louisiana, on the other side of the globe than what they’re normally used to. Related Images:

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Canadian Group Charter

Captain Dave went with a Canadian group of anglers and showed him why it’s called ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ in southern Louisiana. Related Images:

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