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Bachelor Party!

Matt and his four friends enjoyed a good day out on the water with Captain Dave of Pelican State Fishing Charters. We had a slow start because of thick fog. Once the fog lifted the group caught some nice trout and a few reds.

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Fishing Before Going to the Manning Passing Academy

Brothers Pierce and Peyton, along with Doug Alford had their parents bring the boys fishing before getting down to real work with the Manning Passing Academy.

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Canadian Group Charter

Captain Dave went with a Canadian group of anglers and showed him why it’s called ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ in southern Louisiana.

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Redfish On Fire With Captain Dave

It just keeps getting hotter with Captain Dave at the helm of the chartered boat. The Redfish don’t have a chance. Book a chartered fishing trip and find out today!! Call (504) 578-9795  

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Memorial Day Weekend Fishing with Captain Dave

Memorial Day weekend is always busy with so many trying to get out on the water and catch some Redfish and more. Captain Dave stayed busy as well, just see for yourselves… Related Images:

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Redfish Were Really Tailing with Captain Dave

Tailing along with the Redfish and Captain Dave. Related Images:

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May Brings Great Redfish with Captain Dave’s Groups

April showers bring May flowers, but Redfish are abundant whenever Captain Dave goes after Redfish with his groups. With music and good conversation, it’s always a hit with Captain Dave. His chartered boat stays in the water this time of year…reserve early (504) 578-9795 Related Images:

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Pelican State Fishing Charters April Catches

Weather was great. Fishing was great. Redfish was…of course, great!! Enjoy these pics like we enjoyed the trip. Related Images:

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Texas Group Reeling The Redfish With Captain Dave

Captain Dave was helping with reeling in the Redfish with this group from Texas. The waterways were perfect for this trip in the middle of April of 2012. You guys are welcome back on the boat anytime!! What a blast we had, and thanks for the Texas sized memories. ~ Capt Dave, Pelican State Fishing […]

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Texas Tech Guys Can Catch Redfish Too With Captain Dave

Captain Dave guides his chartered boat with the Texas Tech guys who can catch Redfish too!! Nothing but friendly competition to keep things interesting. Either way you look at it, the Texas guys had an awesome time…can’t wait for their return. Highlights in a few pictures that will be shared for a long time – […]

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